Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today I made the choice to order the shape kit by body by vi.
My goal is the 90 day challenge.
I get my student loan money in a a week or so and plan on purchasing the next 2 kits in advance. I plan on doing 1 more shape kit and a transformation kit. But it really depends on how the first 30 days goes.
I want to look noticeably different for engagement pictures.
I want a jump start in the right direction.

I am following this even if it kills me. Which I know it won't. I need to work through why I think I NEED a hamburger.. its like right now..

I am eating a very delicious healthy, cooked at home pork chop at work. But all I can think about is a Big J burger for dinner.. it makes no sense.. I don't need that.. I'm not even hungry, I'm just eating the pork chop because I have to go run errans after work and I know if I don't eat it I will stop and get a hamburger..

I am off to look for a dress and get my hair cut. Oh and get some spider spray for that nasty yellow bugger in our car port.

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