Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 9


Looks like that is right! wow! SOOO excited about that. I will be much more comftorable with 290 though. Not so close to slipping back into the 3's...

warm lemon water
blueberry blaster
raspberry cheesecake special k granola bar
dole peach fruit cup
peanut butter blueberry shake
Italian sausage and hamburger spaghetti
cream cheese flautas

I am working 1-9 today. Which I am not too happy about.. But money is money. I just dislike being here when Tyler is actually home.. oh well. nothing I can do about it but complain :)

7pm. eating my dinner shake.
Pretty hungry..
Tyler made dinner and I inhaled all I could get my hands on. Need to up my calorie intake.. so I don't crash like that. Boy.. I ate 2 servings and then was still stealing bites as I put the left overs away!

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