Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 16


after a very hard week... I am jumping back in fully on board.

today's weight 296.8
Today is the final day of Biggest loser #15. I did my final weigh in and measurements.

Week 1 Measurements
Pant Size: 24
Neck: 14.5 inches
Bust/Chest: 53 inches
Waist: 61 inches
Upper Arm: 17 inches right
upper arm 17 inches left
Hips: 54 inches
thigh 33 inches right
Thigh: 31 inches left
calf 21 inches right
Calf: 21 inches left
Total Inches: _322.5

Week 8 Measurements
Pant Size: 24
Neck: 14 inches
Bust/Chest: 49 inches
Waist: 59 inches
Upper right Arm: 16.5 inches
upper left Arm: 16.5 inches
Hips: 51 inches
Thigh Left: 32 inches
thigh right: 33 inches
Calf left: 20 inches
calf right 20 inches
Total Inches: 311
Total Inches Lost: _-11.5!__

grapes for breakfast
mushroom swiss burger from artic circle
medium fry
root beet
large raspberry limeade from Sonic
half order of margarita chicken from chili's

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