Monday, April 30, 2012

6 lbs down!

I set a goal to reach 5 lbs down by May 1st. And I did it!!!! I am 6 lbs lighter 1 day before my goal.

I have not been perfect. But I have made more mindful decisions towards food and walking.

I am starting the spring challenge on spark people tomorrow. This will introduce small amounts of exercise into my routine as to not burn me out too quickly.

I bought my own scale today. So Im hoping my numbers are the same... all scales are different it seems.

I can't wait to keep going on my track. It is nice to have a goal and want something for my health.

Next I need to figure out higher protein foods. I have steered clear of fast food. I have eaten subway but that is a much fresher option than burger king etc.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big step!

Got up this morning.. got a totinos pizza out of the freezer and started the convection oven. Started some laundry and grabbed my cell phone and opened by browser. I had sparkpeople open...

I instantly thought about the pizza I was about to cook.. 700+ calories right out if bed? On junk? Nothing that really fuels my body the way I want it to be fueled? I turned the oven off and put the pizza back in the freezer. Took a shower sliced an apple and got some peanut butter and started my day 100 times better!

Thanks sparkpeople!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today was a lot better. However I am still unsure on how to keep my health at the fore front of my priorities and not think about it all day.

tattles- crispy chicken sandwich

rice cake 1
sugar free amp

red lobster 6 coconut shrimp
5 walnut shrimp
1 shrimp scampi

I think I drank about 70 oz of water. I am writing this the day after and I do have to say that I feel a lot better, energy wise.

While we were in poky we bought swim suits! I am terrified to go swimming but am so excited at the same time. I loooove swimming! I can't wait to go.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I have a goal

5 lbs down by Tuesday May 1st 2012. That is 10 days away.

What am I doing to reach this goal?

  • Only water as of 4/21
  • snacking on trail mix
  • Food journal
  • Walk more, as in don't avoid walking. Which I do very well...
  • No snacking before bed (this is a killer)
I think that is a great start for my first 10 days.

I need to start somewhere. Small baby steps. 

Slow start

Today's food choices weren't my finest.

lunch- small hamburger
2 cream cheese flautas

snack 3 caramel rice cakes

dinner 3/4 of a totinos pizza

I went to a art journal class and the local gym had the owners wife come and explain the benefits of a food journal. I am committing to starting more of a health journal. I will start with jotting down food consumption but ideally I would like to work up to medicine, feelings, etc to notice trends in my health.

I should be a very interesting and challenging tasks for me.

Tomorrow's challenge: Drink more water.

Starting here

I am starting here. At 315 lbs. 26 years old. and very unhappy. I have social anxiety disorder and avoidant personality disorder (self diagnosed recently) I am not at rock bottom anymore. I'm climbed a few feet up and am feeling a lot better about myself than I did 8 month ago. I actually want to get out of bed most days.

Tyler has been paying on an engagement ring for a few months and we have decided on getting married October 26, 2013. That is plenty of time to lose a significant amount of weight. I just need to stay focused and motivated. I begin school at ISU, August 27 2012...

There are 555 days until we get married. 
79 weeks
1 year, 6 months, 7 days

That is such a great time to have a new start. I really do not want a plus size wedding dress. I don't want to be a twig, I just want to be healthy. Healthy enough to have a perfect wedding, baby and a healthy family.

I hope to use this blog as a goal tracker, check in, motivation finder and a place to vent about the ups and downs of  losing weight. 

I am planning on 90 oz of water a week.
Mainly veggies for 7 days.
3 to 4 smaller meals each day.
Up at a specific time and to bed early
Setting a schedule. (still working on this, it should be ever evolving though)
10 minutes strength training Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10 minutes cardio Tuesday and Thursday

I'm not focusing so hard on exercise for now. I will re-evaluate in a few weeks. I just want to get off to a right start and focus on my diet. Which seriously blows right now. I want to feel healthier and get things under control. Especially my asthma. Which is pretty well managed with medication but I'd like to use as little prescriptions in the future as possible.

I think that is all my mental mess for tonight.